OUT140 is a micro-storytelling project that was created by Shelly Telly for the Norwich Pride celebrations.

I told my parents I was bisexual when I was 16. They said go to your room.

She invites people to tell us their coming out stories in 140 characters or less

3, told parents was girl, beat me. I stopped speakin. Married, wife died. Transitioned, family, pals OK. New people no idea past. I am free.

OUT140 began as a multimedia show on the giant Fusion screen in the Forum for LGBT History Month 2010.

My friends changed my world by being so supportive. My family took longer 2 come to terms with it but now I couldn’t be happier! GAY IS FAB!

It toured as an exhibition in galleries in Norwich, Cromer, Folkestone, Brighton.

With no hint of irony my mother said, “Isn’t that a queer way to live your life?”

It was printed as a book “OUT140: the Little Book of Coming Out Stories”

Rejection, everywhere. Church sed: possessed by demons. Hell. Threw my jeans & LPs away. Wore dresses for Jesus. Kept away from friends.

It was performed as a micro-concert of songs by the Sing with Pride choir

Me, I’m not straight, more like a wavy line.

And it will soon be on stage!

Mother asked “why don’t you have a girlfriend like your brothers?” I said: “Don’t hold your breath mother”

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