OUT140 at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

We had such a wonderful time doing our scratch performance at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and the audience were fab – laughing, sighing, applauding and telling us their stories. Andrew Day did some filming for us which you can see here:

We had some fabulous feedback:

“That was really powerful stuff and the music was great.  I hope the production goes on to do even greater things! Such amazing people you have around you.”

“Excellent play #OUT140 Congrats @shellytellyuk & co – a triumph – you held that crowd.”

“I loved the whole thing – can imagine it being performed at Edinburgh – I think the snappy stories would keep people engaged for a longer performance and the music interspersed it really well.”

“It was amazing! Such a fantastic thing to do and the atmosphere was wonderful.”

“It was a really great show. It came off the page well….Can’t wait to see it again on Pride weekend.”

Ruski took some brilliant photos. There’s a few below but you can see the full set on Facebook by clicking here